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Concrete slabs for specific projects

Concrete slabs for specific projects

Our concrete slabs service meets the needs of your outdoor projects and some major renovations, more specifically, we build concrete slabs for the installation of:

  • Spa
  • Cabanon
  • Garage
  • Gazebo
  • Raised balcony or terrace
  • Construction of an independent entrance

In addition, we can demolish your damaged concrete installations and safely dispose of debris.

We carry out these projects, both in winter in heated spaces and throughout the other seasons.  Our concrete slabs service is mainly reserved for our customers on the north shore of Montreal, either from your plans or we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of the know-how of our experienced designer.

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Please note that we are not going to Montreal for concrete slabs

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SMC is specialized in grinding, solidification and stabilization of structures. Our expertise is to ensure the stability of the building when its solidity is compromised or during major renovations.

For all your excavation work, we have quality equipment and an experienced team that carries out the work in complete safety, protecting your installations, buildings, land and underground infrastructures.

The addition of a garage or lounge area is a major project that requires the expertise of qualified professionals.  We have a broad knowledge of the different stages of implementation.