Our services

Renovation SMC specializes in rectifying, solidifying and stabilizing structures

Our expertise is to ensure the stability of the building when its solidity is compromised or during major renovations.

We can help you for:

  • Safe removal or lifting of load-bearing walls
  • Straighten the structure
  • Addition of steel beams, wood beams or support columns
  • Releasing of soffit
  • A floor that collapsed
  • Opening or enlarging from the inside
  • Open space creation

Our close collaboration with professional engineers and technologists makes it possible to answer your questions, whether for advice or for a stamped plan of your project, to ensure absolute compliance with standards and safety.  With this support, and with state-of-the-art equipment, we can face all structural challenges, from structural straightening to repairing damage to a column, from the smallest projects to the largest.

Materials used

Depending on the loads they will have to support or the space we have, we will offer steel beams, wood beams, LVL beams or Nordic Lam beams.

Concrete and reinforcement

Any column supporting a beam should rest on a concrete wheelbase (also known as footing). We also build wheelbases of all sizes, with reinforcement inside, anchorages of all kinds, retaining walls, etc.