Need a detached garage or want a lounge area ?

Need a detached garage or want a lounge area ?

The addition of a garage or lounge area is a major project that requires the expertise of qualified professionals.  We have a broad knowledge of the different stages of implementation.

Renovation SMC can assemble the structure of your garage or lounge according to the standards and in compliance with the regulations, according to your plans or with the assistance of our expert engineers and technologists.

Turnkey garage construction service

If you wish, we offer a turnkey garage construction service, our estimates and schedules are clear, so you can take advantage of our expertise in complete tranquility and enjoy a finished product that meets your expectations.

The quality of our work and our concern for detail have been recognized by our clients for many years.  They have contributed to the relationships of trust we have established throughout their projects. 


SMC is specialized in grinding, solidification and stabilization of structures. Our expertise is to ensure the stability of the building when its solidity is compromised or during major renovations.

For all your excavation work, we have quality equipment and an experienced team that carries out the work in complete safety, protecting your installations, buildings, land and underground infrastructures.

Our concrete slabs service meets the needs of your outdoor projects and some major renovations, more specifically, we build concrete slabs for the installation of many projects.